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Our Modern Philosophy On Dog
Obedience Training

The primary focus and “Art” of Dog Training is to establish a relationship of trust in order to maintain attention and control in a highly distracted situation. Dogs understand the world with a survival mentality. After 1000’s of years of evolution, dogs still rely on their instincts, temperaments, and energy to make choices. Balanced training teaches your dog how to make better choices and decisions even when distracted. Dogs will understand what to do as opposed to what not to do. They will look to you for your direction based on trust in your relationship and will understand how to follow your leadership. Balanced training is a reward based system with canine mentality as the language of understanding. Triumphant Canine will tailor your personal program to fit the needs of your canine companion.


Our Mission Is To Inspire A Confident And
Joyful Partnership Between Dogs And Owners.

We provide canine education to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners. By delivering superior professional training and customer service, we will develop solutions for any behavioral need or desire. Our mission is to inspire confidence and joy in all canine relationships.

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