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Your dog can have the confidence and skills to control their energy, decisions, attention and behavior! Build your canine relationship beyond, jumping, not coming, lunging and pulling on leash, and even aggressive behaviors.

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Serving the Denver Metro area including Denver, Parker, Highlands Ranch,  Aurora, Littleton, Castle Rock  and more! Our IN-Home training programs are very effective! We come to you, and can fit within your busy schedule! Board and Train programs provide a Jump start and speed up the training process.

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Private, One on One, training is the best way to gain success quickly. It is important to start with minimal distractions and in a comfortable environment for you and your dog. Imagine a Teenager learning Algebra with 4 televisions on! With each lesson, we will add additional skills and patterns which build confidence. This is the best way to learn. During the programs we will have our Canine Training Dogs interact in the lessons as appropriate to build even more confidence and control. We TRAIN your dog and TEACH you how to be a great leader!

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The Evaluation is your opportunity to discuss your goals and challenges for your canine relationship. Our professional trainers will evaluate and make observations of your dog’s general temperament and energy level. The mental balance or imbalance will give us a path to a happy dog and owner! This is how we can present the most effective plan to meet the needs of you and your dog!

Group 8


Our programs are designed to establish a solid level of control with distractions and different environmental conditions! After your training is complete, we can administer testing and possible certification for the AKC Good Citizen Obedience Title.

Group 7


  • • Bite Prevention Seminars for Delivery Services and Public Companies
  • • Schools and Community Dog Awareness Education
  • • Canine Evolution and Mentality Seminars – Understanding How Dogs Think! Mental balance and temperament

This is a great opportunity for employee education, or safety programs. Perhaps a seminar for Veterinarian office to learn more about the dogs they treat! In any case, this is a great resource for your organization! Contact us for more information and pricing!

Modern Training Techniques For Amazing Results


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Modern Training Techniques For
Amazing Results!

  • Modern Techniques

    We apply techniques that encourage trust and create attention from your dog! Engagement via reinforcement is the key to building a trustful relationship! Maintaining attention and enthusiastic interest from your dog is our focus! Zero pressure leash translation and movement of energy will keep your dog focused on YOU! WE HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY!

  • Positive Reinforcement – Do, Not Don’t

    The Days of harsh corrections and force are long gone! Prong collars, slip leads, halters, etc. are very rarely ever needed! The concepts of positive and negative only mean the addition or subtraction of a reinforcement or reward! Dogs find true happiness through leadership, rules and boundaries! Training programs are centered around what the dogs do correct, not wrong! No more “NO”, just “YES” and “GOOD DOG”! We always HAVE FUN with the dogs!

  • Expert Trainers

    Triumphant Trainers are well versed in all modern training theories. A combined experience of over 40 years and direct experience with 1000’s of dogs gives them a vast experience in addressing all behavioral and training challenges! Most of all – They LOVE Dogs!

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