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Triumphant Canine Dog Training’s Mission is to Inspire Confidence and Joy in all canine relationships! The most important part of your relationship with our dog is TRUST! Your dog has to be confident that you will make the choices and provide leadership in their best interest. THEY NEED TO KNOW THEY CAN TRUST YOU!

A dog makes decisions based on forward and retreating energy (fight or flight). This process of mental evaluation is what can create confusion or insecurity in your dog leading to unwanted behaviors. They have to revert to what they know naturally – some level of control by moving forward or retreating. This insecurity can also lead to destructive behaviors, forms of anxiety, and overall lack of impulse control. THIS IS WHERE YOU AND TRIUMPHANT CANINE TEAM UP and start your amazing canine relationship!

IN HOME DOG TRAINING is the best way to begin to build your relationship of trust. TRUST is the most important part of your relationship. It is important that we keep distractions to a minimum in the beginning phases of learning.  Much like a child, they will learn better without distractions.  Classes held in retail or facility environments can create such a huge distraction, your dog’s retention or ability to absorb information is greatly diminished.  In addition, your focus is also effected due to a public situation where you may have no control. YOU CAN BECOME A LEADER! We will teach you how your dog communicates and how to give them the leadership they need! By working in the usual environment for you and your dog, the learning process is greatly enhanced and YOU begin to enhance your relationship!

Triumphant Canine’s process is a three part training program. We start with ATTENTION based training. Again, this is easier and faster for your dog to learn to pay attention IN YOUR HOME. We then progress to   CONTROL   (obedience) of behavior. Structural obedience gives your dog the tools they need to challenge the world in a proper way based on your leadership and trust. Triumphant Canine Dog Training also utilizes Canine Training Dogs. Our dogs take part in your private sessions with you and your dog. Canine Trainers provide a controlled distraction at the proper time of your training. This leads to stronger CONFIDENCE and ultimately a rewarding, amazing, fun and healthy relationship with your dog.

Trust, Leadership, Attention, Control and Confidence are the foundations of a healthy canine relationship! Our training programs will direct you and your dog through the training process resulting in your amazing relationship. IN-HOME DOG TRAINING is proven to provide you the best learning environment for retention and FASTER learning. It’s is CONVENIENT! We come to you. We can also work around your work or lifestyle schedules. Evenings, daytime, and other times can be accommodated to make sure we can meet your goals.  IN-HOME dog training provides a more effective environment for learning. IN-HOME dog training enables you to lead your dog in your environment.  IN-HOME dog training is FASTER-MORE EFFECTIVE-and RETAINED!

You can have the relationship and dog of your dreams!  You and your dog can be TRIUMPHANT! Start your puppy training in the Denver metro area today!

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