Board and Train Dog Training Programs are excellent for owners who would like to speed up the obedience training process. Working with professional dog training skills, the learning curve is exponentially sped up and enhanced. We will personally care for and train your dog in obedience. We keep our Board and Train programs very limited so your dog will get first hand direct attention. We work your dog for you and develop the skills and patterns of obedience! While we have the honor of training your dog, they will work side-by-side with our personal canine training dogs and a professional trainer. Once we get a good knowledge established with your dog, we will come to your home and work with you privately to transition the skills to you! Consistency is key in all dog training so the transition lessons are very important. Take advantage of training while on vacation or during a busy time in your life.

Triumphant Canine’s process is a three part training program. We start with ATTENTION  based training. It is easier and faster for your dog to learn to pay attention with minimum distractions like in a large boarding kennel. We then progress to   CONTROL   (obedience) of behavior. Structural obedience gives your dog the tools they need to challenge the world in a proper way based on your leadership and trust. Triumphant Canine Dog Training also utilizes Canine Training Dogs. Our dogs take part in your private sessions with you and your dog. Canine Trainers provide a controlled distraction at the proper time of your training. This leads to stronger CONFIDENCE and ultimately a rewarding, amazing, fun and healthy relationship with your dog.  TRUST, LEADERSHIP, ATTENTION, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE are the foundations of a healthy canine relationship! Our Board and Train Dog Training Programs will direct you and your dog through the training process faster resulting in a very effective transition into your home! You can have the relationship and dog of your dreams!  You and your dog can be TRIUMPHANT! Start your puppy training and dog training in the Denver metro area today!

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