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“Borisz” – Military Canine returns home!

Meet Borisz! Borisz, a German Shepherd, has served two tours of duty in the middle east. He is fully trained in bomb detection and apprehension for use in military combat and operations. Borisz is now 8 and was retired due to age and a condition to the eye called...

Aggressive Dog Training – Tips for your Aggressive Dog

Many times, dog aggression is a misunderstood behavior. Even after thousands of years of evolution, dogs still rely on their natural, and sometimes primitive, natural instincts. Canines make decisions based on a choice process of what they perceive as a degree of...

Why do you need a Dog Trainer?

With the vast amount of information available today, why do you need a Dog Trainer? How can Triumphant Canine Dog Training help you achieve the canine relationship you dream...


Recently, while driving on a major freeway in downtown Denver, I came upon a significant 3 car crash. Heavy damage to two of the cars with all windows broken. The accident was very recent as traffic had not backed up and police were not on site. At the accident...

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