Triumphant Canine is a Private, Professional Dog Training Company

Triumphant Canine specializes in Balanced Dog Training designed to give you and your Dog the relationship you dream of!  Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, dog sports, or just living with your canine companion, we can help you achieve a fantastic, rewarding and fulfilling canine lifestyle for you and the dog you love!



We provide personalized training designed specifically for your dog’s lifestyle, temperament, and breed. Tailored to your specific goals and desires for your canine relationship. Focusing on Attention, Control and Confidence for mental balance. Emphasizing “Do not Don’t”!

Knowledgeable of all primary training methods including Classic and Operant conditioning, fundamental leash training, motivational methods, remote E-collars, and positive engagement.  We can meet the needs of Dogs of any Age, Breed, or Behavior.

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