Meet Borisz! Borisz, a German Shepherd, has served two tours of duty in the middle east. He is fully trained in bomb detection and apprehension for use in military combat and operations. Borisz is now 8 and was retired due to age and a condition to the eye called pannus. Pannus can be treated but does not go away.

Borisz was successful in his soldier life finding many threats posed to his handler Joshua and other soldiers on the team. His role as a military canine required much training and direction. Borisz lived with Joshua and his team around the clock and was always ready to work! Once the condition of pannus was determined, it was determined that it was to risky to have Borisz active as a detection dog so, as in many cases, Borisz was retired. After many months and letters, Joshua was able to adopt Borisz and he now lives here in Colorado with his human mom and Joshua when he is not deployed.

The challenge for Borisz now is finding outlets for the work ethic and dealing with PTSD from combat situations. He also needs to find trust in new leaders and adapt to a suburban world. This can be tough on retired military and working dogs. They are used to working, hunting and chasing balls. Most of all , they are very loyal and used to being with their handlers.

Triumphant Canine is very honored to be working with Borisz and his family to help him adjust to civilian life. We are also very excited to show Joshua and his wife how to lead a good active work ethic dog. With obedience and activities we will show Borisz how to find a balance civilian life!

I have already worked with Borisz and I can tell you he is an amazing dog. He just wants to go go go! We will combine conventional reward games and structure with obedience so he will always be able to release energy and work! Dan McCarthy