Fourth DOg

Fourth of July can be stressful for dogs. Here are some suggestions for handling this situation in best interest of you dog.

When the¬†fireworks occur, don’t change your behavior. Act confident and unbothered by it and don’t baby or coddle your dog. By holding him close and speaking to him in a soft reassuring voice, your are telling him that “you are right to be afraid.” That is not the message you want to convey. If your dog is not reactive to the loud noises, reward his behavior.

Keep the dog inside as much as possible during these events. If he feels comfortable in a basement that is more sound-proof, turn it into a peaceful refuge with a soft bed, a few of his favorite toys, food and water.

If your dog is crate trained, use the crate as a “safe place” and cover it. Make sure they have access to water. Sometimes the stress can add to panting and stress.

Take your dog for a ride in the car. Cars are very soundproof and you can remove them from the noise.

Close the curtains in your house. Dogs will sometimes get excited and start looking out windows. This can add distractions and further excitement or stress.

Give them a nice fresh raw bone to work on during the firework activities.

Take them somewhere you can get a nice work out and exercise that afternoon. . This will help diminish stress and make them tired to sleep during evening.

These are just a few tips for helping on the fourth. Training and structural obedience can help with any stress induced behavior. We can help you with any behavior your dog needs help with. BE TRIUMPHANT!