Canine mental health is achieved through two primary objectives:

1. Mental Needs. Canines have to be led! They also need to understand their place in hierarchy!. Structural obedience is the conduit for meeting the mental requirements, and I say again, requirements, of your canine partner. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your dog needs a job”? Well, they don’t punch a clock! The job is formed through a lifestyle of discipline (to follow), obedience and structure!

2. Physical Needs. All dogs need a physical energy release. For 1000’s of years, they have had a need to run, hunt, investigate, search and migrate. Even a good brisk walk can help your dog immensely. Many dogs require a lot more exercise. High drive dogs like Border Collies, German Shorthaired Pointers, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Labradors and even Golden Doodles have to get a regular dose of tongue dragging exercise!

Mental Needs: Structural obedience training (JOB), and mental training activities that establish ATTENTION and CONTROL!

Physical Needs: Energetic walks (dog health dependent), retrieval games, dog sports, hiking, jogging, play sessions, etc. Always combine attention and control practices into your games. This will help your dog understand to pay attention and listen even when very excited and distracted. As your dog becomes very comfortable with your leadership, and receives the mental and physical requirements, your dog will develop strong CONFIDENCE and you will have an amazing relationship of mutual respect, admiration,  and love with your Canine Companion – BE TRIUMPHANT

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Triumphant Canine can help you achieve an amazing relationship with your Canine Friend! Be Triumphant!